Best River Trips in Colorado

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America’s white water rafting river

Colorado River Rafting


Colorado Rafting trips are the most-popular summer activity in Colorado. There are a variety of trips, including overnight camping & rafting trips, that suit all skill levels – mild float water, intermediate adventures and challenging, technical runs. We are happy to offer the best white water raft trips on five different Colorado rivers – including the popular and versatile Arkansas River.

Arkansas River Trips:

The Arkansas River is America’s Most Popular rafting river. Trips on the Arkansas River are very diverse – there is something for everyone.

When rafting the Arkansas River, keep in mind that the water levels peak during runoff between late-May and June. During this time frame, the water is colder and air temperatures remain cool. As the water levels come down from their peak, in July and August, the weather warms up and traffic on the river increases. River trips are more family-friendly during the later summer, and more action-packed in early season.


Browns Canyon
• Browns Canyon Half Day (10 miles)
• Browns Canyon Full Day (18 miles)
Browns Canyon is among the most beautiful stretches of river in Colorado. In early 2015, the area was declared as Browns Canyon National Monument – and the easiest and best way to see the monument is by raft. The pool-drop canyon is suitable for all skill levels.
Class III-IV | Ages 7+ | May – Labor Day
Lower Browns Canyon
• Lower Browns Canyon Half Day (10 miles)
Lower Browns Canyon is the perfect river trip for families with young children or elderly adults. The mild float trip starts just below Browns Canyon and rafts through mellow water surrounded by meadows and views of the area’s spectacular mountain peaks.
Class I-II | Ages 4+ | May – Labor Day
The Narrows
• Narrows Half Day (8 miles)
• Narrows Express Full Day (26 miles)
The Narrows is a unique stretch of white water, especially during runoff, because of its small, but continuous rapids and technical character. Towering cottonwood trees and views of the 14,000′ peak create a beautiful backdrop.
Class III-IV | Ages 10+ | May – mid-August
The Numbers
• The Numbers Half Day (6 miles)
• The Numbers Full Day (15 miles)
• Browns/Numbers Combo Full Day (15 miles)
The Numbers is the best, most challenging section of whitewater that we offer. Continuous rapids accented with powerful hydraulics, tight and technical turns and fast-paced paddling make this adventure one that we recommend to those with previous rafting experience.
Class IV-V | Ages 14+ | May – Labor Day
The Royal Gorge
• Royal Gorge Half Day (10 miles)
• Royal Gorge Full Day (18 miles)
The Royal Gorge is a popular section of the Arkansas River for it’s stunning beauty and world-class white water. Powerful rapids and aggressive paddling are required in this stretch of river, recommended to guests with previous rafting experience.
Class IV-V | Ages 14+ | May – mid-August
Multi-Day Trips
• 2 Day Wilderness (35 miles)
• 2 Day Extreme (33 miles)
• 3 Day Camping (68 miles)
• 5 Day Camping (90 miles)
Our multi-day adventures are truly unique. River trips are self-contained – we bring everything we’ll need on the river along with the trip, allowing guests to camp in more secluded, less public locations. You’ll raft exciting rapids during the day and relaxing, riverside, around the campfire in the evening. Guides prepare each meal fresh, from scratch, featuring choices such as lasagna, tossed salad and cake for dinner, and french toast and bacon for breakfast!
Class III-IV (V optional) | Ages 8+ | May – Labor Day
Inn to Inn Rafting
• 2, 3 or 4 Day Inn to Inn
If you are looking for the action-packed whitewater rafting experience with comfortable accommodations and restaurant dining, consider our wonderful Inn to Inn rafting trips. 
Class III-IV (V optional) | Ages 10+ | May – mid-August

Gunnison, Upper Colorado North Platte and Dolores River Trips

Gunnison River
• Gunnison Gorge Full Day (14 miles)
• Gunnison Gorge 2 Day (14 miles)
Our river trips on the Gunnison River are the most isolated, backcountry-style white water adventures that we offer. You’ll hike down into the Gunnison Gorge, just on the border of the Black Canyon National Park, where your boats wait – carried down by pack horses the day before!
Class III-IV | Ages 10+ | July (launch permitting)
Upper Colorado River
• Little Gore Canyon Full Day (10 miles)
• Little Gore Canyon 2 Day (28 miles)
River trips on the Upper Colorado are very family-friendly, suitable for young kids and elderly folks. Be prepared to meander through open Colorado meadow and rolling hills. Inflatable kayaks accompany these trips so guests can explore the river on their own!
Class I-II | Ages 4+ | May – Labor Day
North Platte River
• Northgate Canyon Full Day (10 miles)
• Northgate Canyon 2 Day (36 miles)
The North Platte river is a true wilderness river that stretches across the border between Colorado and Wyoming. Fun, fast-paced rapids and an abundance of wildlife are found on these river trips – including moose, bald eagle and river otters.
Class III-IV | Ages 10+ | May – mid-June
Dolores River
• Ponderosa Gorge 3 Day (50 miles)
• Slick Rock Canyon 3 Day (50 miles)
• Ponderosa/Slick Rock 6 Day (100 miles)
• Gateway Canyon 10 Day (168 miles)
The Dolores River is a magnificent gem in the southwest corner of Colorado. Each section of this long, winding river has it’s own unique characteristics, providing unforgettable memories to those lucky enough to raft here.
Class II, III-IV | Ages 10+ | late-May
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