Top 5 Overnight & Multi-Day White Water Rafting Trips

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#1: Arkansas River 2, 3 and 5 Day Rafting/Camping Overnight Adventures

Arkansas River Multi Day Rafting in Colorado

Our most popular multi-day camping & rafting trips run on the various sections of Arkansas River. Conveniently located in central Colorado, the Arkansas River provides exciting and challenging white water rafting for all levels of experience. We offer multi-day & overnight adventures suitable for groups, families, scouts, camps and individuals.

  • 2 Day3 Day and 5 Day Trips
  • 2.5 hours southwest of Denver
  • Class III-IV whitewater
  • Kids ages 8+

What Sections Will I Raft?

We specialize in providing self-contained and continuous multi-day overnight raft trips – no repeating sections or shuttles to campgrounds.

The 2 Day3 Day and 5 Day trips all begin at the same location – just north of Buena Vista at the start of The Narrows section.

Day 1: The Narrows (Class III-IV) – Start off your multi-day adventure with splashy, fun and continuous intermediate white water! The Narrows is full of fast-paced, technical rapids that challenge your paddling skills. As you raft south toward Buena Vista, enjoy the awe inspiring views of the lofty Rocky Mountains and towering cottonwood trees that hug the river’s edge. Stop at camp just before entering Browns Canyon, where your guides prepare fresh and delicious meals for you and your party. 
Day 2: Browns Canyon (Class III-IV) – After a hot breakfast and freshly brewed coffee enjoyed around the campfire, hit the popular and exciting Browns Canyon section. Splash through miles of entertaining white water in a glorious canyon full of breathtaking beauty and interesting rock formations. 2 Day trips finish up shortly after Browns Canyon, while those continuing on our 3 or 5 day trips camp just a few miles upstream of Salida.
Day 3: Lower Browns/Bighorn Sheep Canyon (Class II-III) – Day three takes you through the mild water sections of Lower Browns and Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Here you have the opportunity to take your turn paddling one of our inflatable kayaks to explore the river on your own while maneuvering small rapids that feel like big waves in a kayak! 3-day trips take out where the 5-day camps for the night. 
Day 4: Bighorn Sheep Canyon (Class II-III) – Day four brings you into the heart of Bighorn Sheep Canyon. Enjoy exploring the river in inflatable kayaks and keep a look out for wildlife – including the Bighorn Sheep! 
Day 5: Bighorn Sheep Canyon/Royal Gorge (Class III-IV, V) – Start the fifth and final day of your trip in thrilling whitewater very similar to Browns Canyon. Stop for lunch just before entering the class IV-V rapids of the Royal Gorge where the minimum rafting age is 14. At this time you have the option of finishing your trip at lunch or continuing through the action-packed rapids of the Gorge.


#2: Arkansas River 2, 3 and 4 Day Inn to Inn

Inn to Inn Luxury Rafting Trips in Colorado

These luxurious all inclusive multi-day overnight trips are perfect for groups who are not interesting in sleeping in a tent. Customize your trip with an activity and rafting sections of your choice while enjoying the local culture and cuisine!

  • 2, 3 or 4 Day Trips
  • 2.5 hours southwest of Denver
  • Class III-IV or V whitewater
  • Kids ages 10+

On the first day enjoy a morning of rafting in the exciting class III-IV whitewater of the Narrows and an afternoon of horseback riding, golfing or soaking at the natural hot springs. Get a great night’s sleep at a local inn and enjoy a homemade breakfast before diving into the popular Browns Canyon section. Over the next two days, customize your river experience with inflatable kayaks or challenging class V whitewater.


#3: Arkansas River 2 Day Extreme Trip

Extreme Advanced White Water Trips in Colorado

This trip is perfect for those who are interested in challenging themselves with the advanced whitewater of the Arkansas River.

  • 2 Day Trip (vehicle assisted)
  • 2.5 hours southwest of Denver
  • Class IV-V whitewater
  • Kids ages 14+

Plunge into the commanding and technical Numbers section on day one, then drive to a developed state park campground where your guides will treat you to a freshly prepared meal. Day two brings you into the famous Royal Gorge section full of magnificent views and enthralling rapids.


#4: Gunnison River 2 Day Trip

Gunnison River Multi Day Rafting in Colorado

Get away from it all on one of the most secluded wilderness rafting trips available in Colorado. The stunning Gunnison Gorge offers exciting whitewater mixed with calm sections of green glassy water.

  • 2 Day Trip
  • 5 hours west of Denver
  • Class III-IV whitewater
  • Kids ages 10+

Your overnight trip starts with an exciting backcountry road adventure to the top of the Chukar Trail where you begin your mile long hike into the Gunnison Gorge. The beautiful rock formations and unique vegetation along the trail are just a taste of what is to come over the next couple of days on the river. When floating into the heart of the Gorge soak in the sun, take a swim, bask in geological history and splash through the rapids until you reach camp. Here you can relax in the company of your friends and family while your guides prepare a fresh meal for your group. In the morning enjoy a hot breakfast along the river’s edge before another fun day on the river.


#5: Salt River 2, 3, 4 and 5 Day Trip

Salt River Arizona Multi Day Rafting Whitewater

Exciting springtime rafting in the beautiful and isolated Arizona wilderness. Our Salt River overnight trips are a true getaway into the heart of Sonoran desert – away from civilization and the stresses of a busy life

  • All Trips
  • 2.5 hours east of Phoenix
  • Class III-IV whitewater
  • Kids ages 10+

Our multi-day trips all meet at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon just off Highway 60; about 45 minutes north of Globe, AZ. 4 and 5 day trips depart from the meeting point while 2 and 3 day trips take a short shuttle downstream to their departure point. All trips raft through the stunning and rapid-filled Salt River Wilderness and wrap up at the Highway 288 Bridge near Globe. On our 2 and 3 day trips, you will experience longer days on the river paddling through class III-IV rapids. Enjoy a restful evening around the campfire after eating a hearty dinner prepared with fresh ingredients by your guides. Your days on the river are a bit shorter on 4 and 5 day trips allowing you more time to explore some truly breathtaking side canyon hikes including treks to ruins and waterfalls.

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