Arkansas River Rafting through Browns Canyon National Monument

Arkansas River Rafting

Browns Canyon is now a National Monument

In February of 2015, Browns Canyon National Monument was designated for protection by President Obama. Known for many years for the world-class whitewater rafting found on the Arkansas River, which runs through the heart of the canyon, the area is also full of stunning granite rock formations and an abundance of Colorado wildlife.

What is a National Monument?

The Antiquities Act was passed in 1906 by Congress and signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt gives the President, without congressional approval, authority to restrict the use of federally owned public land. The law was originally brought to congress by archaeologists concerned about protecting prehistoric Indian ruins and artifacts from unorganized digging, destruction and theft, even though it was written to include “…historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest.” 3.5 months after the Antiquities Act was enacted, Roosevelt made Devil’s Tower in Wyoming the first National Monument. Today there are 113 National Monuments within the United States. Browns Canyon is jointly managed by the US Forest Service and The Bureau of Land Management.

How can you see the National Monument?

The best way to see the canyon is by raft. Join us on a Browns Canyon Full Day or Browns Canyon Half Day trip.

Browns Canyon National Monument map

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Browns Canyon National Monument Map.

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