Top 5 Memories from Rafting on Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day ditch the tie and give Dad a gift he’ll never forget – the whitewater rafting adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Father’s Day Whitewater Rafting Memories:

1. The refreshing splash of the Arkansas River

When you first step into the river, there is no doubt that it is snow melt! Summer water temperatures are typically in the 50’s which is perfect for cooling off after paddling. Father’s Day falls right when the high water flows start kicking off making for ideal rafting conditions if Dad’s a fan of big splashy rapids.

2. Immediately spotting a bald eagle

One of the best parts of rafting is the exclusive access to wildlife along the bank of the river you would not see otherwise. The Arkansas River Valley is a popular nesting site for bald eagles. The riparian habitat along the shore is also home to other wildlife like bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and even moose have been known to hang out in Browns Canyon National Monument.

3. The thrill of dropping down Zoom Flume

Despite the many river miles I’ve logged, I always feel butterflies in my stomach when approaching Zoom Flume. It is one of those rapids where the river appears to completely drop off the edge of the world – all you hear is the thundering rush of water, you can feel the spray from from the unseen class IV rapids below, then there’s the call “Forward paddle – HARD!!!” and the excitement takes over as we charge through.

This moment right here might be the core of what makes whitewater rafting such an epic Father’s Day present – there’s no way even the snazziest of ties could evoke this kind of adrenaline rush.

4. Mastering the art of a paddle high five

Whitewater rafting is all about having fun and staying in sync as a collective unit. Paddle high fives are the ultimate expression of this and there will be no shortage of fun or paddle high fives on this trip! Since whitewater rafting requires everyone to paddle in a rhythm, working together, it truly takes taking family bonding to the next level.

5. Sharing a rare moment of silence while admiring the gorgeous sunset

Summer sunsets in Buena Vista are a breathtaking treat we’re thankful to enjoy every evening. The silhouetted collegiate peaks provide the perfect backdrop for rich warm pinks, oranges, purples, eventually fading into the deep blue darkness of night. Getting the whole family together outdoors and watching the sunset is the perfect way to wrap up a fun day of whitewater rafting.

The most treasured family memories are the ones where an experience was shared. That’s why this Father’s Day, we suggest giving Dad the ultimate gift of adventure – whitewater rafting! Save time and book your Colorado white water rafting trip now.

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