River Poetry by Wilderness Aware Guests

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Breath of rapid
Whitewater kiss
River sonnet
Rafting bliss
Heartbeat pounding
Muscles strain
Laughter echoes
Memories made
A Carney, Castle Rock – CO

My wife wants a refund
She’s not satisfied
She thought at Widow Maker
That I should have died
But she’s somewhat happy
That I took a roll
When I got flushed
Down the big Toilet Bowl!
R Buursma, Holland – MI

Traveling downstream in a raft
We paddled, we splashed and we laughed
At the end of the day
Each was changed in some way
Forever reshaped by the craft
B Baum, Concho – AZ

If you are looking for high quality H20
Colorado is the place to go
The water is cool
The guides ain’t no fools
They take you down the falls And into the gorge
To new heights your group will forge
T Bloom, Armonk – NY

The ride was fun
I wish it weren’t done
A good time was had by all
Because we survived “The Big Fall”
We all had fun, so take good care
To all other boat’s freeloaders
M Rowe, Henderson – CO

Rafting down the river was fun
The guides were # 1
The water is cold
And now my shirt smells like mold
I am so sad the trip came to an end
I cannot wait to go rafting again
R Liffmann, New Canaan – CT

Rafting was sweet
We even got to eat
The guides were hot
Which really hit the spot
It was an awesome day
I never wanted to go away
A Frauendorfer, Madison – NE

The river is wet
The river is cold
To raft the river
You must be bold
D Shirah, Atlanta – GA

Through the flume
We did zoom
While the ducks fluffed their plumes
And the birds
They did soar
While we went through Screen Door
The river was fun
But now we must run
And return again for more fun
S Bonsal, Rio Rancho – NM

Oh to the river
So wild and blue
Oh to the river
We had fun with you
Oh to the river
So wet and so cold
Oh to the river
With beauty so bold
Oh to the river
We’ll be back again
Oh to the river
Sun & fun we will win
B Miller, Lakewood – CO

I’m feeling quite tired and heady
Must have rafted through too much eddy
Whatever the case
There’s a smile on my face
For another rafting experience
I am ready
L Isen, Potomac – MD

The water was wicked
Like that movie “The Craft”
So I grabbed my paddle
And jumped in the raft
I went through the rapids
And handled with care
This trip was awesome
Thanks to Wilderness Aware
B Reynolds, Warrensburg – MO

I went on a trip
And took a little dip
The water was cold
And I jumped in when I wasn’t told
Simon dressed in pink underwear
Zee showed his true feelings to Simon with special “care”
Overall this trip was fun
But too bad this poem is done
C Portesn, Huntingdon Valley – PA

I came, I raft, I saw
Hail the Arkansas!
T Harshbarger, York Springs – PA

Rafting the river made me shiver
The water was cold just as we were told.
Again I’d come…
Since our guide wasn’t a bum.
Kerry was the best
Tight was my life vest.
Lunch was great
And we didn’t become lunch bait!!
A great time I had
That I came, I’m glad.
C Stewart, Colorado Springs – CO

Floating in the river is a craft
Call 1-800-In-A-Raft
If your trip leaves in the morn,
Be sure to ask for your guide, Corn
If you want to have the best of care
Take a trip with Wilderness Aware
K Short, Sterling – CO

The river was wild
Woody was funny
It was worth all the money
M Reynolds, Warrensburg – MO

I rode with Drew
He had a wimpy crew
We came to Widow Maker
The left side of the boat was a shakin’
The right side of the boat was a rowin’
In left circles we were a goin’
B Kosanda, St Paul – MO

My butt is wet
My legs are burnt
But Anna kept us all from getting hurt
Unknown, Apopka – FL

The river was like food.
It was good.
M Harris, Atherton – CA

It was my wife’s and my second time
It was the kids’ first time.
Mom got some sun
Dani had fun
Nick got wet
And kept saying, “Are we there yet?”
G Vroom, Randolph – WI

The river is so pretty.
The river is so sweet.
The river is like Heaven
Because I love wet feet!
J Burnette, Austin – TX

Seven people, a guide, and one boat
With only one hope
To stay afloat
We quickly found lots in store
Widow Maker, Staircase, Toilet Bowl and more
We knew going with this company we had a score
P Merritt, McKinney – TX

Joyful fear
As blue hole draws near
Paddles in flight
Scream of delight?
Cold, fast, wet trip
Boat didn’t flip
A sore, happy grin
We’ll do it again.
A Burnette, Austin – TX

My eyes were bold
By butt was cold
Keep your feet secure, I’m told!
I’m up and down
I’m thrown around
Oh what a day
How much did I pay?
D Stewart, Colorado Springs – CO

Hemorrhoid Rock!
If I flip…!
The water is ccccccold!!!!!!
Elephant and Hippo Rock
Widow Maker
Enormous Rapids
River Rafting.
E Stewart, Colorado Springs – CO

The trip was fun
We had a great time
We’ll be back again
To try another rhyme!
J Nollman, Salisbury – NC

I had fun with Anna
Our boat looked like a banana.
C Benier, Kansas City, – MO

Anna, oh Anna
We lived through the trip
Anna, oh Anna
We never did flip
My love for you was all I can see
When you named that rapid after me
You said you have no wrecks to date
I hope you find your perfect mate.
I came back wet
I came back cold.
Onto my “t-grip” I did hold.
The trip was great, the trip was fun
And I think you are number one.
K Brooksher, Centennial – CO

We went water rafting with Hans
The water was cold in my pants
Hans taught us how to sneak attack
That crazy Hans is a maniac.
He fell off the raft
And made a big splash.
Ha Ha Ha
S Ramirez, St Charles – FL

The water is white
The waves are sweet
Hope we don’t get a leak.
J Wiseman, Harrisburg – MD

The river was nice
The guide did suffice
We had lots of fun
And were sad to be done
We hope to come back
We were just getting the knack
Jules was the best
But she gave us no rest
J Boone, Carthage – TX

3, 6, 9, Wilderness Aware gives you a fantastic time
B Corcaran, Westchester – PA

The rafting was great
And I’m in need of a hot date
K Klein, Uvalde – TX

It was a short day
But action packed
We almost lost dad
But he stayed in the raft
And although he guided the plunge
On a rock we were hung
But at the end of the day
We had won!
J Werlin, Denver – CO

Oh the river how do I love thee?
I like riding in the boat and looking at the scene
Oh river could you have been kinder to me?
I floated in your swift current, when I had to pee
Twin falls was pure glee
This was such a bodacious radical time
Two words, wee wee!
The Wranglers, Florissant – CO

Lots, and lots, and lots of fun
Come and raft the only one
Shoot the rapids, slide the shoot
Wilderness Aware is a total hoot
C Dunbar, Albuquerque – NM

The rapids were fun
The eddies were mild
The guide was great
The crew was wild
B Shears, Tempe – AZ

Right turn
Left turn
High side
Wrap side
O Brown, Murphysboro – IL

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I got wet
But Jules did too
F Bierel, Murphysboro – IL

Forward! Was the first command,
That Justin did demand. 
He led us through all the drops, 
Just watch out for Ashley’s Rock! 
Three days on the river and in the sun 
And all the comments were completely in fun! 
Sitting, watching men doing the cooking, 
Hey, we couldn’t help looking! 
On the third day duckies were our barges, 
And we made it through Tin Cup with no carnage. 
To all our guides, just a word of caution, We’re already planning our next trip option.
Julie Kauffman, Lakewood – CO


When we started, I was dry
Then I got wet, and started to cry
Zack and Sarah sat across from me
They never once saw me pee
It was real fun, not too scary
I looked at Kim’s legs, they were hairy
All in all, we had a lot of fun
Now I can’t feel my left bun
J Monks, Deatsville – AL

Roses are red,
And the river is blue,
My trip is over, BOO-HOO-HOO!!
D Bartlett, Lake Forest – IL

Rafting the rapids was tons of fun
I was sorry to hear Chachi say “We’re done”
Zoom Flume was a killer trip
I almost thought the raft might flip
I can’t wait to go once more
So I can even up the score
M Lowe, Lakewood – CO

We went down the river
With our guide Sunny
His jokes were kinda funny
At the top of our lungs we yelled ARR!
We could be heard near and far
The rapids we conquered one and all
This trip, we had a ball
We didn’t flip
But gave Sunny lip
K Aleria Pass, Berthoud – CO

V Jensen, Longmont – CO

C Farrell, Lake Forest – IL

Sometimes swift and smooth
Sometimes wild and crazy
Your rafts guarantee a fun ride
As long as you stay inside
M LaMar, Greeley – CO

The river, the river
With your rocks,
How we quiver
What thrills you did deliver
Through each rapid that was bigger
How we’ll miss you
Our wild flowing river
E Marshall, Hillsborough – NJ

The river.
The river?
The river!
J Oldenbury, Colorado Springs – CO

The mountains are red and gold and green
The Arkansas River is one of the prettiest I have ever seen
J Miller, Lakewood – CO

Woody is great
Woody is cool
When it comes to river rafting
He rules
He flushed us down the toilet
Then took us down the stairs
With Woody as the captain
We were never scared
So go river rafting, if you dare
Be sure to sign up with Wilderness Aware
G Reynolds, Warrensburg – MO

Paddle left
No, paddle right
WA guides Are out of sight!
J Gierach, Oak Lawn – IL

Step into a raft
Paddle in hand
And be prepared to set out
To an adventure that’s grand
Through rapids and rocks
Our trip will go
But you won’t get stuck
As long as you row
Rafting in the Rockies
Is nothing but fun
It’s only a bummer
When the trip is done
B Weinsteis, Hartsdale – NY

Ode to the river
I like it more than liver
Bump here
Bump there
It’s like a wild fair
Don’t let me stay dry
For I will cry
Even though I have no fear
I will see you next year!
M Harshbarger, York Springs – PA

Went water rafting it was a blast
With T-Bone in charge we kicked some a–.
We were rocking and rolling getting all wet,
Went through the Pinball like a high-powered jet.
We conquered the day and it was all good
Now we will all go back to our trailer park hoods.
L Kaliher, Chesapeake – VA

The river was flowin’
The sun was showin’
And the good times were rollin’!
S Richardson, New Hudson – MI

Heckle and Jeckle were out of touch
Elvis said, “Thank you very much.”
The elephant climbed out of the water
The hippo just didn’t bother.
The pink panther looked sick
Ruby Mountain was just a trick
Widow Maker tossed over Billy
I was so scared I had to check for trouser chili
D Carley, Lansing – KS

I wondered what to do one day
“A river trip,” my mom did say
“But which stream to choose?” I asked dismayed
For such a thing there is no law
And so these words came past my jaw
I came, I saw, the Arkansas!
K Rosenbaum, Sarasota – FL

In the middle of nowhere
I went in the Arkansas River
I got water in my underwear
And now I’m beginning to quiver
It feels pretty strange
I’m going to have to change
Z Zwieg, Apopka – FL

Bold piles
And walls of boulders
We slide between
In the swirling
Wearer away of Earth
Blazer of rock.
Tumbling and bouncing us down
To where we meet the bus driver
And ride back to town.
J Gartert, El Prado – NM

There once was a guide named Woody
We showed up and put in and wondered, “Could he?”
Could he take us down safely?
Would we have lots of fun?
We quickly found out…
Yes! Woody was the best one!
L Merritt, McKinney – TX

Our river raft guide was named Kerry
She was better than any Tom, Dick, or Harry
When it came to sublime
She was a paradigm
She made the trip less than scary
S Thompson, Vail – CO

As a poet
I’m really bad
But this rafting trip was really rad
I swam a rapid
It was tight
No, it was wicked outta sight!
K Kosik, Aurora – CO

The rushing river
The swirling tide
The bumpy drops were quite a ride
Drew spit the facts and gave commands
We rowed our hardest with blistered hands
The sun was hot
The water was cool
In boat-to-boat fights Drew’s boat did rule
Snacks were great, lunch was better
I’d come again in any such weather
P van Gelder, Berne – IN

What a beautiful day for a ride in a raft
As a teacher is made me think of former president Taft.
The water was fine
As we hit a big rapid near an old mine.
Cailin was great
Even though we finished a bit late.
Outstanding trip I’m gonna do a flip.
B Nelson, Willowbrook – IL

The rafting trip was so much fun
Even though I got so much sun.
From the Toilet Bowl
To the Twin Falls
I thought the whole thing was a ball.
The trip was a blast with every twist turn and bend
I loved the whole thing from beginning to end.
T van Gelder, Berne – IN

There once was a dude from Bulgaria
He went rafting and caught Malaria
Hans was his name
Rafting his game
No, he was not lame
And just a little insane.
His guests went down in a boat
They thought, “It won’t be just a float.”
Then they got wet
Completely soaking wet
Just wouldn’t you bet
They were infected with a sense of hysteria
Unknown, USA

Today I had fun
Watching my sister get wet
I am sad that it’s done
But I’ll come back I bet.
A Francis, Lincoln University – PA

There once was a raft on the river
We’d splash each other with water and shiver
Over rapids we went
Our raft? Not a dent!
That great rafting trip on the river.
M Gatlin, Woodland Park – CO

The sun is hot
The water is cold
Wilderness Aware I am sold!
S Hill, Harrisburg – MO

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The river was great
And the guides were too!
D Corcoran, Denver – CO

Rapids, rapids
Two through four
For a really fun day
You couldn’t ask for more
The river was great
And Kayla was too
Can’t wait to come back
And see all of you
S Jones, Atlanta – GA

Heckle and Jeckle
Neither were scary
But some of the stairs
Were a little hairy
T Deitch, Louisville – CO

With guides like Pinky, Dahmer & Dude
It put our teenagers in the right mood
Didn’t have to listen to their whining, moaning, and pissin’
They didn’t realize what they had been missin’
I think we’ll be back, what do you kids’ say, huh?
Well mom, duh!
J Collins, Englewood – CO

The river was nice
A little warmer than ice
With chutes and holes
Widow makers and bowls
The guide was a blast
Because we weren’t last
Wilderness Aware rocks
From the river to the docks
P Sparks, Colorado Springs – CO

Whose rafts these are, I think I know
Wilderness Aware is the best in show
With guides and gear of first rank
The management sure does not tank.
H Peterson, Louisville – KY

We learned the craft
And stayed in the raft
D Francis, Lincoln University – PA

Forward, stop
Backpaddle, stop
Watch that rock
K Kintigh, Tempe – AZ

I loved the rafting
Mark was our guide
I loved the rafting
What a ride.
The screendoor
The widowmaker
And the raft ripper too,
I can’t wait to do it again
How about you? My arms will be sore tomorrow,
But that’s ok
Because I loved rafting today!
M Whiteley, Grandview – MO

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