Play Hard, Snack Hard.

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In a quick departure from our regular programming, we bring you a compilation of ultimate travel snacks to take with you on the road or in the raft. These snack ideas travel well and offer a little more than the utility Cliff Bar stuck to the bottom of your bag for months. Mix and match or put your own spin on these suggestions:

Bada Bean Bada Boom

Roasted beans in a bag? Are you sure? Fear not, these little beans are delightfully crunchy, salty, and tasty. These packaged beans can take a beating and still hold up for an unexpectedly satisfying snack.

Patagonia Spicy Mango

Sweet and spicy, these ethically sourced mango bits are the warhorse of travel snacks, offering high fiber and Vitamins A & C. 

Clif Espresso Bar

Tired of the usual Clif Bar? The crunch of espresso beans in this version adds intrigue and a caffeinated boost to the regular Clif Bar experience. 

Epic Beef Jerky / Kettle Pickle Chips

It’s a hamburger, really. Eat them together or on their own for a solid snack.

For the Cooler

Whether you’ve got the Coleman, the Yeti, or the Dometic, push your cooler snacks further than a couple of cold beers. Throw in some hard-boiled eggs, prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella sticks, and any cheese sticks, or go wild and make some ginger scallion noodles in a reusable tub. 

Banana Bread 

Another hard-working, potassium-enriched snack that not only satisfies but uses up all those spotted bananas on your counter. 

YumEarth Licorice

These gummy snacks are organic and sophisticated, with simple ingredients that satisfy just the same.

Instant Coffee

I see you cringing Aeropress users. It may be low-brow, but nothing beats instant coffee when you’re tired, and your bones are aching. 

Nora Tempura Seaweed

Have you ever had tempura seaweed? One bite of these and you’ll be ordering them by case. Thank them later for replenishing vitamins A, B6, B12, protein, iron, and fiber.  

LMNT packets

Use these electrolyte packets to both hydrate and replace salt.

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