What Guides Do in the Off-Season

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River rafting may be the ultimate seasonal job, but by nature, it will sadly close at the end of each summer. What happens to guides when the season is over? Luckily, rafting guides are as resilient as they come and do a number of different jobs throughout the year. They vary from person to person, and we love seeing what each individual brings to the job each year. Here’s a glimpse of what some off-season gigs look like:

International Rafting

When it’s cold in one place, it’s warm in another. Some guides devote themselves to rafting year-round, chasing rapids internationally. For those with the means, this is an incredible opportunity to raft around the world.


Raft in the summer, study in the winter. Whether on your college break or taking a course, the winter months give you ample time to focus on that second or third skill. 

Switch Seasons

Trade in the raft for a snowboard. Many rafting guides are active and rugged by nature and can easily swap equipment when the seasons change. If you’re driven by the snow but lack the experience to instruct, many resorts have seasonal jobs available too. If you can’t be in the snow, at least be near it. 

Restaurant Gigs

Bartending, anyone? Bartending and serving is a tried and true way to fund your dreams. There is almost always seasonal work at restaurants and resorts. Stagger seasons so there is always work between the winter and summer months. 

Volunteer Work

Volunteer in another country–preferably by some rapids. Volunteer work is always a great way to get a foot in the door to an established passion in an unfamiliar place. 

Teach English

If you are a native English speaker, teaching English abroad is a popular way to see and visit another country. Along with volunteering, you never know what opportunity could lead to another.  

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