Planning in the Off-Season for Effortless Fun When It’s On.

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In between the hiking, mountain biking, skiing and adventuring in the Colorado rafting off-season, plan an epic whitewater trip now and skip the stress next summer. A little planning now can lead to an effortless adventure on the water in the upcoming season. Choose the best time and location and we’ll do the rest. You might even find you have the time to knock out more than one river. 

Pick Your Friends, Then Pick a River

There are more than six rivers to choose from in Colorado and Arizona. Likely your location will determine which river you choose, but with enough time and planning, you can make any river your adventure destination. 

At 120 miles southwest of Denver, the Arkansas River is a great option if coming in from the Front Range. It’s also suitable for a variety of skill levels, making it ideal for young children and expert adults. Check out our site for detailed overviews of the all the rivers to choose from, with a breakdown of length and difficulty level. Take the time now to create a successful adventure next summer. 

Pick a Time 

When rafting, it’s important to know conditions. Rafting season runs from April to August with varying temperatures and rapids throughout the summer. June holds its reign as the most adventurous month as warmer weather and snow melt makes for big rapids and big adventures. For a calmer ride, plan to set out in July and August, but always check before you go as weather and snow can cause cancellations. 

Know Your Gear 

The month you choose will determine your gear. Wetsuits are available to rent in the colder months, as well as booties and paddle jackets. We provide all rafting equipment including ponchos, wool sweaters and waterproof storage for personal items. It’s recommended you also bring your own warmer clothes for after rafting in the colder months. Sunscreen, shorts, swim suits, sunglasses and a water bottle are essentials you don’t want to be without in the hot summer months. Read more on our FAQ page for other helpful tips to prepare for your trip.

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