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Lusting for some whitewater fun, but feeling a little intimidated by the class III-V rapids found on our Arkansas River options? No worries – our Upper Colorado River trips are the perfect solution!

Featuring a handful of splashy class II rapids, unique pit stops for historical and natural landmarks, and an endless supply of gorgeous scenery, Little Gore Canyon along the Upper Colorado River is a family favorite. Just an hour’s drive south from Rocky Mountain National Park, this trip is a great option to tack onto your Colorado vacation adventure.

What makes the Upper Colorado River so great?

Family Friendly

The Upper Colorado’s Little Gore Canyon is known among river rats for beginner-friendly, easy paddling. If you’re looking for a whitewater rafting adventure to accommodate both your 4 year old and Grandma, search no more – you found your trip. Little Gore Canyon provides the perfect balance of beautiful Colorado country scenery and fun class II rapids like “Eye of the Needle” and “Yarmony”. We offer a single day trip and a two day camping + rafting option. Since this stretch of water is so easygoing, we bring along inflatable kayaks (affectionately known as “duckies”) and invite guests to cruise independently alongside the raft. This is a unique experience from our other advanced whitewater trips and lets guests take full control of their adventure. If you’d rather chill and take in the sightseeing, that works too. Whatever the mood, the versatility of our Upper Colorado rafting trips can cater towards your preferences ensuring the experience of a lifetime.


The Upper Colorado River is considered an “away river” for us, meaning we meet y’all at the put in with rafts, rental gear, and everything else rather than you coming to our headquarters in Buena Vista. If you’re in the Northern half of Colorado and want to go rafting, this trip is a very convenient option.

Unique Features

Our seasoned guides know the secret spots to eddy out and take in all of the resources along this section of the Colorado River. For example, you can pamper those paddling muscles with a soak in natural hot springs found alongside the river. Not too far from our put in, is an abandoned mining cabin. This well preserved historical landmark is a fascinating peek into Colorado’s early days and can only be accessed via raft. Another favorite pit stop is to view petrified dinosaur footprints. The short hike to this site provides a nice little break to stretch your legs and is very popular with kids.

Wildlife + Scenery

If you’ve been on one of our Browns Canyon National Monument or Royal Gorge whitewater rafting trips you’ll notice a big difference in terms of “paddler engagement” with this river. In other words, there is plenty of mellow downtime between rapids for appreciating the wildlife and scenery on the Upper Colorado River. This is perfect because Little Gore Canyon is a bald eagle hot spot – they love building their nests here. The dramatic canyon cliffs contrast with lush rolling hills and rural ranches providing an ample taste of Colorado’s natural beauty.

If you’re on the hunt for a family friendly trip with a sprinkle of whitewater rapids to keep the adrenaline flowing and some bonus detours, look no further! Little Gore Canyon on the Upper Colorado River is calling your name – give us a ring at 1 800-IN-A RAFT (1-800-462-7238) or book here (link to trips) and make it happen!

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