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Raft the Salt River Spring 2023


Get a Head Start in Arizona

Don’t wait for Colorado’s raft season to begin. Head to Arizona and get a jump start on your rafting season.

Arizona Rafting will launch its Salt River raft trips on February 25, 2023.

Winter’s snowpack will enable exploration of this free-flowing river’s exciting class III and IV rapids and unique geology from late February until the snow is gone (usually early May). 


Raft the Salt River

Raft with our Arizona-based rafting company, Arizona Rafting, and see the Sonoran Desert from a raft!

The season in Arizona doesn’t last long, so these coveted trips book up fast! Book and plan now for your spring raft trip in Arizona. 

Why Arizona?

The Sonoran Desert’s unique beauty spans 100,000 square miles in the U.S. and Mexico, and is the wettest, hottest, and most biodiverse desert in North America. Early spring is the time to go!

Its biodiversity includes 100 species of reptiles, 20 amphibians, over 350 types of birds, and 60 mammals, including coyotes and bobcats and roughly 2,000 species of plants. The most famous of those plants is the Saguaro Cactus. The Sonoran desert is the only natural habitat for this majestic plant.


5 days and 51 miles

Spend 4 nights on the Salt River


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