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THE RIVER: Located just north of Globe in Arizona, the Salt River is unlike any other… offering beautiful views of red canyon walls, desert wildflowers, and the mighty saguaro cactus. You’ll see amazing geological sights like white rock, granite canyons, and volcanic rock formations. As you raft along the Salt River you’ll also have the opportunity to admire Indian ruins and desert canyons carpeted in vibrantly colored Sonoran Desert wildflowers. This river has something for everyone, consisting of class III-IV rapids like Eye of the Needle, Rat Trap, Quartzite Falls, and Corkscrew. We offer everything from half-day trips to five-day excursions going through the entire Upper Canyon and wilderness of the Sonoran Desert.

OUR OFFICE: Our mobile office is located in the Salt River Canyon just north of Globe off Highway 60. It is an easy drive from both of Arizona’s major metropolitan areas, Phoenix and Tucson, allowing you to head out in the morning, enjoy a full day of rafting on the Salt River, and be back home in time for dinner. Our office is active March through May varying season to season, as the accessibility for whitewater rafting is very dependent on the water levels. In addition to serving as the check in point for all of our whitewater rafting adventures, we also offer shuttle services for private boaters, and maintain a retail area selling refreshing cold drinks, shirts, and hats—all of which are desert essentials!

SAGUARO CACTUS: Exclusively found in the Sonoran Desert, the Saguaro cactus grows to reach heights as tall as 60 feet, can support over 25 arms, and live as long as 150 years. These cacti thrive in the Sonoran Desert because of the perfect combination of water and temperature—while this area experiences both winter and summer rains, scientists believe the Saguaro cactus receives most of its moisture during the summer rainy season. On our whitewater rafting trips, you’ll have the opportunity to take in these marvelous cacti on any of our full or multi-day excursions. Once you enter the Wilderness, the Saguaro cactus becomes much more prevalent along the landscape. If you join us in the late spring, usually starting in April, you’ll see beautiful white flowers blooming atop the majestic Saguaro cactus. These blossoms are the official state wildflower of Arizona.

DESSERT SCENERY: When you join us for some whitewater rafting on the Salt River, you will have the opportunity to see a plethora of flora and breathtaking desert landscape. Since the season runs spring through early summer, the desert wildflowers will be in full bloom, carpeting the hillside with their vibrant colors. The Salt River is one of the most unique rivers in the country because of its location on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. It is at the crossroads of mountain and desert ecosystems, creating a striking variety of plant life and scenery. As you take on your Salt River adventure, you’ll descend through oak and juniper woodlands into the stunning Lower Sonoran Desert, home of the towering saguaro cactus. On our multi-day trips, we make it a point to set aside time so you can take side canyon hikes that lead to oasis-like microhabitats found only in this part of the country.

A skull and crossbones were once painted on a boulder near this formerly Class VI rapid until 1993 when one rafting outfitter took matters into their own hands and blew up the rapids. They claimed to do this to save lives as the recirculating hydraulic effect of the water’s six-foot drop caused many deaths and required a half day portage involving difficult rope work, but many believe they were sick of waiting in line for hours to portage the rapid. The men responsible for blowing up Quartzite Falls were indicted by Federal grand jury sentenced with charges of conspiracy and the destruction of Federal property with an explosive. Today, Quartzite Falls is ironically considered one of the smaller “big drops” on the Salt River, as it is a relatively easy Class III-IV rapid.

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From the enthusiastic greetings when we arrived at the office this am, all service was top notch.
John D.
We had an awesome time. I would definitely recommend your company!
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This was the highlight of our trip to Colorado!
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We had an awesome time! All staff we dealt with were very personable and helpful. I can’t imagine anything you could do to improve!
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You are great to work with and your guides are fun to be around and well trained. Each experience I’ve had with you (3) has been excellent.
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I would like to commend your staff on their great teamwork and enthusiasm. This was the highlight of our trip to Arizona.
Michele E.
We booked our trip cold off the internet and found from the very beginning a very friendly and courteous staff that helped out and answered all our questions.
Carolyn W.
The trip, your people, your facility never get old.
Fred P.
Very professional yet very informal approach—not an easy combination to sustain—nice team—office included.
Mark W.
We started rafting with you in 1988. This is our fourth trip. Will be back.
Jim L.
When I made our reservation I knew we were going to have a fantastic time. Everything that happened today exceeded my expectations.
Mark E.
The entire staff from reservations to first contact to trip guide was friendly and helpful. Our Scouts had an outstanding time!
Ken T.
I work in safety – wish I could get all our regional safety folks to present their safety meetings with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.
Karla S.
Sarah was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and very fun! Best trip ever, even the low water! We will be back again!
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Frenchie was the best guide I’ve ever had! This is a great company and I will definitely be telling friends about it!
Jamin R.
Best time I’ve had on the river in the past 15 years!!!! Will return soon!!!
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I have rafted with other companies before but I found your company and Mike, our guide, to be outstanding! I will be back!
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Sarah, our guide, was the consummate professional.
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Your internet advertising was great. People who answered the phone very helpful and the guides top notch. Seems like your manager has done a wonderful job. I see why you are a successful company.
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We feel we have found new friends in Wilderness Aware and plan on spending time in the future with you.
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Very pleasant and enjoyable experience. Rafted four other times and this was the best.
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Matt was the most enthusiastic and exciting guide I have ever had… and I have done this a lot.
Carl M.
Pete was great. Extremely friendly and he took great care of us and really put our group first. Our trip was relaxing and fun!
Erin L.
I want to raft again and again and well you get the point…again.
Levi V.
We have rafted round the world and this is by far the best—best trained guides, best safety, best food, best fun. Thanks.
Jane H.
I started rafting at WA in 1999 and have always had a good time. I highly recommend WA to anyone who wants to raft.
Marty E.
Appreciate your professional and fun staff! Will definitely return next year!
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Thanks for the great time on the river. You do a super job of taking care of your crews.
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I loved my experience at WA and will definitely be back with more people.
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Your staff and guides were so helpful and so much fun. My kids ranked that half-day trip as the highlight of our month long trip!
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This trip surpassed all of my expectations.
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We’ve been with a lot of different rafting companies over the years and we have never used the same company twice but everyone on the trip agreed that your company is the best!
Lisa P.
One of the best times of my life!
Dylnn R.
Family friend always said Wilderness Aware Rafting was the best. I totally agree!
Angie D.
Been rafting six times around the country. Best trip and guide so far.
James H.
This was my first rafting experience and you guys made it awesome! Thank you so much!
Jamie L.
I love the staff!! Very entertaining and welcoming. This was a great rafting experience. I want to come back tomorrow and do it again!
Bailey W.
This company is quality. Six years ago I did the same trip with Jack, Ian, and Kelly and the quality is as good today.
Chris G.
Good job, as usual. Our 5th or 6th trip with WA. Big fans of WA.
Tim S.
It was the best first experience in rafting. Ben was awesome!! Five stars!
Kirby S.

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