Live at the River Full-Time or Work the Busy Weekends

River Guides,

Thank you for your interest in guiding on the Salt River for Wilderness Aware Rafting. If you are interested in working on the Salt River please email me with a copy of your current river resume, reference letters and your contact information.

As it gets closer to the start of the season I’ll have a better idea of what the snowpack and reservations are looking like I’ll begin making final hiring decisions. I’ll contact interested guides later this winter with a proposed pay scale and updated workload information.

An average Salt season lasts from early March through early May. The majority of the business on the Salt is on weekends with full day trips. We encourage people to book any trip during the week to help fill in. We also have one of the few shuttle permits available on the Salt, so there will be some work shuttling private vehicles for those that are interested.

Guides will expect to tent/car camp riverside near the put-in with primitive facilities during the time they are working for Wilderness Aware.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted as our plans firm up. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Thanks again for your interest and I’ll be in touch.

Brian Ellis
[email protected]
Owner, Wilderness Aware Rafting

“These boatmen. These jet-set river guides. Bright, handsome, talented young men with many skills, equally adept at river running, cooking, rock climbing, glacier trekking, search and rescue, fishing, hunting, skiing, guitar, harmonica, song. True outdoorsmen, who not only know but also love the out-of-doors. And indeed, how could you know it unless you loved it? As on any commercial river trip, the boatmen– and often, these days, the boat women– are the best part of the trip. The most interesting part. The rest is scenery.”

Edward Abbey, Down the River

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