Our whitewater rafting office in Buena Vista requires seasonal staff during the summer months of May – Labor Day.

Staff needed in 2020: We are looking for full-time office staff, with a flexible range of start dates (as early as April 1st, as late as June 1st). Starting pay in 2020 is $12.50/hour + $1/hour bonus upon successful completion of your contact in August/September. 

If you would like, you can download a printable version of this application and mail it.

Job Description and Pay


JOB SUMMARY: Serves as a professional customer service and public relations representative, cashier and secretary, both on the phone and at the front desk.  Uses advanced sales skills that convert leads into confirmed bookings. Is a member of a growing company, and therefore open to change with an emphasis on quality service and teamwork.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs all duties described in detail in the Office Staff Manual.  Examples of duties are as follows:

Works on computer:

  • Learns and uses the reservation program competently
  • Responds to email inquiries in a professional and timely manner.

Prepares for check-in:

  • Prepare coffee and hot chocolate machines.
  • Set out and prepare continental breakfast
  • Update water levels on board.
  • Ensure front area, changing rooms and toilets are clean and tidy. 
  • Ensure reports are printed and up to date.
  • Ensure that each guest has a completed liability waiver.

Day to day operations:

  • Retrieves and answers email and phone messages.
  • Enters liability releases into the computer.
  • Manage alerts, prospects, abandoned reservations, and will advise reservations.
  • Keep retail well stocked and tidy throughout the day.  Restock as necessary and keep inventory up to date.
  • Actively sells retail items and photos

End of day and closing duties:

  • Print reports and check in materials for the following day
  • Cash out the register and transmit credit card batches.
  • Update the guide phone.
  • Clean and tidy reception and retail area.  Changing rooms, and toilets (including staff toilet) and break room to be cleaned thoroughly. Take out all the trash.
  • Switch off machines (copier, printer, adding machines and shredder).  Close all computers except the backup and server.

Other duties:

  • Goes to the Post Office and bank as necessary.
  • Helps with rental equipment when necessary.
  • Runs shuttles as required.


  • Must be outgoing and constantly striving to make the guest experience memorable & pleasant.
  • Answers phone in a pleasant voice to sell trips, and make reservations. Problem or unusual reservations should be referred to office manager or operations manager.
  • Is a team player maintaining a good sense of humor, is cooperative, enthusiastic and flexible in dealing with guests and co-workers.
  • Must work well under pressure.  To work long hours during rush periods and not be subject to burnout or moodiness.
  • Communicates well with owners, managers, and co-workers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Evaluated on thoroughness in performing duties, pleasant and helpful attitude, punctuality, dependability, ability as a team player, initiative, mature judgment, relationships with guests and co-workers, flexibility, willingness to learn, enthusiasm, computer skills.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to the Office Manager.  In her absence, reports to the Assistant Office Manager, in her absence reports to the Co-Owner, Joe. In his absence, reports to the Operations Manager.

SCHEDULE: 30-40 hours/week average. Variable schedule with variable days off. 2-3 days off per week minimum, not necessarily consecutive. Start and finish times for workday may vary. Office hours are from 7:00am to 8 or 9pm daily.

PAY AND BENEFITS: Current year pay (see below) + $1/hour bonus paid at successful completion of contract period.  (Full-time = approx. 450 – 600 hours/season).Higher pay available for previous rafting office experience.  We pay 10% commission on new business you bring to Wilderness Aware. Free rafting for you and accompanying friend or family.

CONTRACT TIME: Students must be under contract until at least the 4th day before classes start in the fall, water permitting. Non-students must be under contract until Labor Day, water permitting. Actual start and end dates will be contracted with each person.  If you quit or are fired, your bonus will be evenly distributed among the remaining office staff at the end of the season.

TOBACCO-FREE POLICY: Wilderness Aware is a tobacco free company.  Smoking is not permitted on Wilderness Aware property, in any Wilderness Aware vehicle or in the presence of guests.  Guides are not permitted to smoke on any WA trip. This includes all overnight trips.  The use of chewing tobacco is considered inappropriate if there is a possibility of it offending guests.

DRUG FREE WORKPLACE POLICY: Wilderness Aware has adopted a zero tolerance, drug free workplace policy. As a condition of employment, every employee agrees to abide by the terms of the policy as outlined in the policies manual. Coming to work under the influence, ‘hung over’ or smelling of alcohol is not acceptable and is grounds for a written violation. If an employee is reprimanded twice for the failure to comply, the employee may be dismissed.

2020 season pay rate is $12.00 + $1.00 per hour bonus paid at the successful completion of your contract.

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