Many of the staff that we hire at Wilderness Aware during the summer look for seasonal work during the fall, winter and spring.

If you have or want a CDL (Wilderness Aware can help you get a CDL):

  • Steamboat Springs CDL Drivers – Steamboat Springs Transit Division, Recruiting/Dispatch Supervisor- (Morgan Smith in 2015) 970-879-3717, PO Box 775088, Steamboat Spring ,CO 80477. Click here to visit website. Beginning in 2016, $17.36/hr- Paid training for CDL available, Bonus Program, affordable housing available, 4 day workweek available. Season mid-October-Mid April.

Teaching English Abroad:

A great way to travel the world while truly being immersed in the local culture and get paid.

  • You can get certified by taking a month long course, some of which can be taken online at your own pace (TEFL, TOEFL, TESOL, CELTA are a few of the certifications).
  • Many schools that offer the certification courses will guarantee you employment upon completion of the course.
  • Schools in many countries hire recruiters which will find and interview teachers for them, and help the teachers out with the process of getting visa, and some countries even provide housing that is ready upon your arrival.

Here are some of the websites to find opportunities:

Travel and Work:

These sites offer “volunteer” job abroad, usually in exchange for a place to stay.

Wilderness Therapy:

Be a guide for a “Hoods in the Woods” program. Apply anytime, but a month lead is a good idea. With guiding experience, they may put you right to work, or they may require a week of training in the field. Google “Wilderness Therapy” for ideas. Arizona, Texas or Florida may be a good location for winter work. Summer is the busy time, but many counselors leave in the fall.


Below are resources you can use to help you find an off-season job.

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