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One of our points of pride is the quality of all our whitewater rafting gear. We really go above and beyond when it comes to caring for our equipment. When you’re given a life jacket, helmet, and any of our other rental gear, you’re receiving freshly cleaned gear that has gone through a three step washing method to ensure its sanitation. All of our rafts are meticulously maintained throughout the season and go through thorough safety inspections. When you join us on one of our multiday whitewater rafting trips, we provide each guest with a waterproof dry bag so your personal equipment stays safe on the river. For those who don’t have their own tents, ground pads, or sleeping bags, we have them available to rent at our office. We understand the complications of not having a flushing toilet on the river and after much research have found the best Groover system out there so you can set your bathroom anxieties aside. On our multi-day whitewater rafting expeditions, you’ll have the option to try your hand at duckying down the river. Duckies are one and two-person self-bailing inflatable kayaks controlled with kayak paddles. Duckies are a great way to test your river skills and take complete control of your destiny.

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