What to Pack on a Full or Half-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip

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You’ll find all sorts of lists about what to bring on a whitewater trip, and frankly, those lists can be overwhelming. Some outline items for a multi-day rafting trip, and some are for half-days. Some of these lists are made for people who are rafting on their own, and others are for people rafting with an outfitter. Furthermore, if you’re rafting in Virginia, your packing list might be different than one for a Colorado raft trip—we’re talking sunscreen, people. 

So, we thought we’d make a super clear list for anyone taking a full or half-day river trip with a Colorado outfitter like Wilderness Aware Rafting.

If you have a Colorado rafting trip planned this summer, and you will be on the river for a full or half-day, this is what you will need to pack.

  • Swimming suit and/or shorts
  • Sunglasses with securing strap
  • Fleece jacket or synthetic insulating layer (on colder days)
  • Hat or visor (can be worn under your helmet)
  • Waterproof sunscreen (Important! We are close to the sun!)
  • Lip balm (with SPF 15+)
  • Tennis shoes, water shoes, or secure sandals (no flip-flops or Crocs)
  • Cash for souvenirs and tipping your guide
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes and towel (for after the trip)

    Do NOT wear cotton on the river! It can make you colder!

If you’re rafting with Wilderness Aware, this is what we provide:

  • Deli-style sandwich lunch (Full-Day Trips)
  • Professional guide in every raft
  • Lifejacket & helmet
  • Shuttle back to your car at the end of your trip
  • Comfortable changing facilities


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