The Perks of Late Season Rafting

 In Colorado Rafting

Some of you might think the rafting season is winding down by August, but in reality, there are a lot of great perks that come when rafting late in the season. 

The whitewater might be less intense, but there are still a lot of exciting sections to raft. You’ll also encounter fewer people on the river, which means you’ll get the solitude you seek when you had outdoors. Without the fast water, access to some of the best swimming pools becomes available and with fewer tourists in general, you’re likely to discover smaller crowds during the rest of your Colorado getaway. Need more reasons? We’ve got ‘em. 

More Time of the River

Lower water levels mean the flow of the river slows. You’ll float at a gentler pace through the gorgeous surrounding scenery and thus spend more time reaching your final destination. 

You’ll Still Get Some Rapids

Contrary to popular belief, there are still rapids to experience in August. Despite lower water levels, the gradient and slopes of the river don’t change, so you can still expect large drops.

Family-Friendly All Month Long

Lower water means fewer big and scary waves! This is the perfect time for families to come and float down the river without the added stress of the high water season.

Slightly Cooler Temps

With the heat of July behind you, you can raft without being at the mercy of the sun. Still, bring your sunscreen and your hats, but know that you can enjoy the days without battling quite as strong sunshine.

Larger Beaches

In the late season, the water levels begin to drop, meaning that the sandbars and beaches get larger. This allows for more space to exist on land, pitch a tent, throw a frisbee, and more. The larger beaches add to the whole experience of being on the river and only multiply the fun.

Active Wildlife

Towards the end of the summer, the wildlife is out and about more often, making many species easier to spot. Keep your eyes peeled for Colorado’s Bighorn Sheep!

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