The Denver Rescue Mission Guided Rafting Trips With Wilderness Aware

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The Denver Rescue Mission and Wilderness Aware Rafting

Donating Time For The Denver Rescue Mission

For the past 14 years, Wilderness Aware Rafting has been sponsoring guided rafting trips for the Denver Rescue Mission. We know the benefits rafting can have on a person’s physical, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. Time on the river can give a person a moment to reflect, relax, and reconnect with nature. Between the fresh air, excitement, and serene beauty of the outdoors, these rafting trips are the least we can do for those less fortunate.

We understand that for those in need, beyond financial concerns, life can be difficult. Moments of enjoyment can be hard to come by. When life is as tumultuous and uncertain as it is for many of those struggling, even the smallest of deeds can make great and meaningful impacts. This is reaffirmed by members of the Denver Rescue Mission, and knowing firsthand the good these trips do, we’ve made it a priority to keep them going year after year. You can hear testimonials and see snippets of one of their trips on our video page, our watch it here on YouTube as well.

The Denver Rescue Mission

 The Denver Rescue Mission is devoted to changing lives by meeting people and helping those most in need. Their main goal is to return individuals to society as productive and self-sufficient citizens. It is one of the oldest full-service non-denominational Christian charities in the region and they are dedicated to ensuring no person is denied our turned away from their services based on race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, sex, or sexual orientation.

The Denver Rescue Mission was founded in 1892, and was originally started as a Rescue Home for Women. The organization moved locations a few times, expanded their services, and sadly by 1930 was closed due to debts owed by the owner. However, soon after its closing, it was reopened by a group of dedicated volunteers and has since then helped countless individuals rehabilitate and get their lives back on track. It was soon after the reopening that further services were offered such as dental and medical treatment.

As time continued on, and the location changed a few more times, the Denver Rescue began offering even more services such as providing long-term rehabilitation. In 1988 they purchased the former Mercy Farm, renamed Harvest Farm, which was a 209-acre farm where food crops for the needy could be grown. This allowed for their New Life Program to serve as a rural outreach, as poverty doesn’t solely reside in big cities. Services eventually were offered which provided for mothers and their children, transitional housing assistance, support for food, clothing, furniture, and even overnight shelters were set up. This is all on top of the life skills and educational programs offered, and more recently career opportunities. All of this mounts to the Denver Rescue Mission being an all-encompassing rehabilitation service for those in need. As such, our thanks could not be given enough and our partnership is highly valued.

Guided Rafting Trips for the Denver Rescue Mission

After having guided so many trips for Denver Rescue Mission residents, we know well the value they place upon these outings. The residents themselves admit to looking forward to these trips every year. Many mention they had only ever dreamed of rafting a river, perhaps even witnessed people enjoying it themselves, and only hoped that one day they could experience the same themselves. It is for this reason that Wilderness Aware finds the greatest pleasure in donating our services as we do.

Residents have told us that these trips help to build comradery, build self-esteem, and allow them to enjoy the wilderness in a way they have not had the opportunity to do. Sadly, many of these people have few other options than sleeping outdoors. But simply because they are outdoors does not make it the same, in their case, nature can punish with heat, wind, snow, rain, and the cold. Rafting allows for a different perception of nature to be created, rather than being simply the enemy, it can be viewed as their friend, or even their mentor/counselor.

We often take for granted what we have, and to think some individuals look at the mountains, the streams and rivers, and are not able to reflect upon its beauty because of the countless worries already in mind. That some people are unable to take a breath of fresh air and simply relax when their stress is so mounting, their concerns so great. Life is not meant to miserable, and we know that a moment’s reprieve is better than nothing at all. We love offering our rafting services to the Denver Rescue Mission, and hope to continue working hand in hand with them for years to come. We know it helps to prove to residents that they can be happy if only for a moment, that they are indeed capable of loving themselves again.

The river can heal in this way, it can teach you that there is more to life than woe or worry. That enjoyment can be had, stress forgotten or even relieved. And beyond that, that they are capable of enjoying themselves all while loving life. Life is nothing but a series of moments, and our job for the past 14 years has been ensuring a few of those moments for residents of the Denver Rescue Mission are memorable, enjoyable, and meaningful.

At Wilderness Aware Rafting, we understand how a proper family rafting  vacation can create some of the best memories a person can have, after all, we have our testimonials to base that off of. If you are interested in a Colorado Rafting TripDenver Raftingmulti-day rafting trip, or want to try rafting the Salt River near Phoenix, AZ, please be sure to contact us and find out what white water rafting trips we have available.

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