5 Insane Facts About Dehydration

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InaRaft - Dehydration FactsSo, maybe you don’t drink as much water as you know you’re supposed to. But you aren’t dead yet, and that’s about as much as you’re concerned about. Likewise, every health article you could ever read says something about drinking more water, but the real facts about dehydration are rarely discussed. Turns out there’s a lot to know, and a lot that is misunderstood about staying properly hydrated!

1.      75% of Americans Are Chronically Dehydrated

A recent study has shown that roughly three fourths of the country are suffering from constant dehydration, often unwittingly. This is often a result of popular eating and drinking habits, as well as the fact that man’s thirst reflex is often confused for hunger pangs instead. Soda pop, caffeine, sugar, salt, and starchy foods dry out the body and decrease its ability to absorb nutrients, leading to a variety of health complications that are common today.

2.      A Portion of Your Water Intake Comes From Your Food

While 80% of keeping hydrated requires drinking straight water, you get a surprising amount of hydration from the food you eat. Fruits and veggies are an abundant source of natural hydration, but even rice and dairy products can fuel you with some water. As long as they are not overdone, water-based caffeine beverages like coffee and tea actually do cancel out the drying-out properties and ultimately hydrate you. However, if your diet consists of too much sodium you won’t derive much hydration from your food at all.

3.      “8 Glasses of Water per Day” Rule is a Myth

It has become the widespread rumor that every person must drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. But considering the amount of water one gets from their diet, as well as the fact that every person is unique, this is obviously not an accurate standard. The Institute of Medicine has narrowed it down, stating that men generally need about 3.7 liters a day where women need about 2.7. Of course this varies from person to person depending on what their diet consists of, their weight, and many other medical factors. It’s important to find your individual water requirements rather than go off a number tailored to someone else.

4.      Clear Urine is Not the Goal

You may have been taught to try to achieve urine that’s as clear as the water you’re chugging down. But urine this clear is a sign that your body is just passing the water straight through, and you aren’t giving it enough time to flush out any excess minerals along with it. A sign of a healthy and properly-hydrated person is a pale yellow color to their urine. Adjust your water intake accordingly by analyzing your urine and aiming for that color consistently.

5.      It Only Take 45 Minutes to Get Hydrated

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research conducted a study on how long it took mildly dehydrated men to become hydrated after drinking water. It was found that after consuming around two bottles of water, it only took roughly 45 minutes for the body to function healthily in a perfectly hydrated state. If you sense that you are dehydrated (or have been chronically dehydrated for some time), it’s not too late for you! Drinking some water now will help you get your body back to a more functional state in under an hour.

While there’s plenty you can do to recover from mild dehydration, serious dehydration is no laughing matter. If symptoms have increased in severity to the point where someone is vomiting, cramping up, majorly disoriented, or unconscious, you’ll need to seek emergency assistance. There are many a walk-in clinic in Medford, MA and other major cities that are equipped to handle these cases, and at that point you shouldn’t rely on at-home measures. By understanding dehydration and what it takes to maintain proper hydration, you can avoid these kind of situations and live a longer, healthier life!

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