Wilderness Aware Rafting Goes Green With Renewable Solar and Wind Power

100% Renewable Solar and Wind Power at Wilderness Aware!

Wilderness Aware Goes Green in 2008In May of 2008, Wilderness Aware installed a state of the art wind and solar power system at our 17 acre Colorado Headquarters. We are Colorado’s first rafting company to incorporate renewable energy into its operation!

In 2015, we expanded the original 4.25 kW solar panels by adding more panels supplying an additional 13.68 kW, for a total of 17.93 kW of production. In the last year, we have produced 33,000 kWh of power….enough to provide 100% of our electric needs!

Our large property and Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and windy non-rafting season weather are a perfect fit for this ambitious project.

We are still connected to the grid using a Net Meter located on the main power line to our building. The net meter allows us to consume the energy we produce, take power from the grid when we don’t make enough, and sell power back into the grid when we make more than we can use.

We thank you, our customers, for making this project possible. We are proud to be contributing our small part to American energy independence.

— Joe and Sue Greiner and the Entire Staff of Wilderness Aware

For answers to technical questions about our renewable energy system, Click Here.


Sue, Ben, Ethan, and Joe Greiner
shown with renewable energy contractors.

View of single solar panel array. 
We installed a second array in 2009.

View of our new green bus, solar array 
and wind generator.

View of solar array and wind generator.

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