Trip Details

Narrows Express Full Day Trip


Full Day Rafting Trip!

Trip Details

  • 9:00 AM Departure
  • June 1 to July 15
  • 26 miles on the river
  • Beginner/Intermediate Class III-IV rapids
  • Ages 10 years and up*
  • Deli-style lunch included
  • Complimentary continental breakfast
  • Experienced guide on each raft
  • Centrally located in Buena Vista, Colorado
  • Ask Us a Question!
  • Arkansas River Maps


About the Narrows Express Full Day Trip

The Narrows Express Full Day trip begins north of Buena Vista and combines the thrills of the Narrows Half Day and the excitement of the Browns Canyon Full Day for the longest, most action packed, full day trip around.

The Narrows Express offers high mileage, nonstop action, especially at high water. Here, the thrill is in successfully making the technical moves between boulders in fast, choppy water. The river is very fast here with very few calm pools. Be ready to maneuver through drops, falls and rock gardens the entire time. Rollicking whitewater rapids such as Frog Rock, The Miracle Mile, and House Rock are some of the more memorable drops you will encounter. The Arkansas River Narrows are lined with more lush vegetation than other sections of the river and offers great views of Buena Vista’s snow covered 14,000′ Collegiate Peaks.

We will stop for lunch at our private riverside picnic area located adjacent to our office. You have access to our office and your car at this time if you need to make adjustments to your clothing or just want to dry off or use the flush toilets. There is hot chocolate always available.

After lunch we have about an hour of scenic and gentle water to enjoy before entering Browns Canyon – know for it’s powerful and well-defined drops such as Zoom Flume, Big Drop and The Seven Stairs.

What is difference between Browns Canyon and The Narrows?

Lower Flow Period (May 1-15 & August 16-Labor Day): The difference between Browns Canyon and the Narrows during lower flows is the ability to successfully maneuver through rapids. The Narrows is not easily rafted due to the rocky and obstructed nature of the section, and therefore we do not offer trips here during the lower flow period. Trips through Browns Canyon are suggested as this section has more well-defined channels and the drops are steep and exciting. The rapids are technical and paddlers are challenged with executing tighter paddle maneuvers, while still getting splashed by the occasional larger wave.

Moderate Flow Period (May 16-31 & July 16-Aug 15): During moderate flows, the main difference between Browns Canyon and the Narrows is the technical nature of the rapids. Rafting in the Narrows is challenging as you constantly maneuver to connect pools and drops. The rapids are fast-paced, smaller and more consistent compared to Browns Canyon, which sees larger, more well-defined rapids and calm breaks between the action during moderate flows. We offer only the Narrows ½ day trip during this time, not the Narrows Express, as the Narrows Express trip becomes a long day due to a stretch of mild water in the middle of the day. If you looking for a full day trip during moderate flow times, we suggest the Browns Canyon Full Day (min age 7), the Numbers Full Day (min age 14) or the Browns/Numbers Combo Full Day (min age 14).

High Flow Period (June 1- July 15): During high flows, both Browns Canyon and the Narrows offer thrilling, fast-paced rapids with large, splashy waves. Browns Canyon will offer slightly more mellow water between these rapids, whereas the Narrows will be a very continuous section of whitewater with few breaks between rapids. The Narrows Express trip is a high-mileage adventure that demands a bit of stamina. When the water is at its peak in mid-June, our guides feel that the Narrows Express is our best trip! Keep in mind that minimum ages are often affected during high flows, often increasing to 8 yrs. or 12yrs. in Browns Canyon and possibly 16yrs. in the Narrows.

Water Flows Note: The time frames listed above are based on an average flow year. We will adjust the trips that we offer if the water is higher or lower than what we expect. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help!

Additional Information

  • *Youth must be age 10 years or older. Minimum age is subject to increase due to high water, typically late-May through June.
  • Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more.
  • Please arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Price listed includes your lifejacket, helmet, guide, boat, transportation to and from the river, lunch, continental breakfast, snack after the trip and free use of our shaded dog kennel. The prices listed do not include 9% land and water access fees, cold weather rentals or guide tip.
  • Please visit our packing list page for a complete list of what to bring, where to meet and more!


  • Lydia filled us with confidence. She was skilled and knowledgeable and explained each set of rapids so we knew what to expect. She was great company and we had the best experience. She was brilliant.

    Dwight W. Rafter
  • I cannot wait to come back! Also loved how funny all the guides were. It was the most I’ve seen my sister laugh in a long time! Thank you so much for this amazing experience.

    Lexi R. Rafter
  • I spent several days researching various rafting options and after speaking w/your team was sold. We were not disappointed-the trip is spectacular and our guide Sean was informative, lively professional and entertaining.

    Lauren C. Rafter


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