Used Rafts and Rafting Equipment

Quality used rafting equipment, dry bags, helmets and boats

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Used River Equipment and Used Whitewater Rafting Boats:

Whitewater Rafting Helmets for Sale

All yellow. Used but in good condition. Baseball-cap style plastic adjustment on the inside. Universal fit. Company sticker could be removed from front. $10 each.
NRS Helmets for Sale
NRS – Helmets

Almost new Havoc Livery Helmet. Some worn only once or twice. Ratchet adjust knob on back. Selling because they do not work with our system. $20 each.
Wetsuits for Sale
NRS Farmer Bill Wetsuits

Click here for size inventory. New retail price on these suits range from $99 to $135. Will take $25 each. All have holes in varying sizes, but all are functional with holes less than about an inch or two in diameter. Would sell all 33 suits for $660.
Wetsuits for Sale
Body Glove “Junior Fullsuit”

We have 1 (size 8), 1 (size 10) and 4 (size 4) of these full coverage children’s wetsuits. All have holes in varying sizes, but all are functional with holes less than about an inch or two in diameter. They sell for $80 new. Will take $20 each. Will take $90 for all six.
Frame for 16 foot raft for sale

Overnight cooler frame for 16′ raft. $150.
American Camper Tent
American Camper Tent

Smaller, 2 person tent. Good Condition. $20.
Therm-A-Rest Pad

3/4 length backpacking size, perfect condition with no patches. Self-inflating. $30.
Sotar Pad
Sotar Cloud 9 Pad

Heavy duty PVC. 6′x27″ wide and 3″ thick. Boat valve for easy inflation and deflation and two buckle straps. Comparable to $190 Paco Pad. Good condition, used lightly. $130.
NRS 2003 Boat for Sale
16′ NRS Pro

1 boat. 2002 Model. Self-Bailing. Good Condition. Great boat for Grand Canyon trips. Urethane coating on worn areas on the bottom. D-Rings and handles have moderate wear. Two thwarts and extra D-rings included. Asking $3200 plus shipping.

New and Used Whitewater Rafting Parts:

Thole Pin

32 Pins. $5 each. Some new. 12 spare balls. $2 each. New.
Oar Clip

42 Clips $5 each. Used.
Blue Hypalon Repair Fabric
Repair Material

10 rolls (6″x18″) blue hypalon material for general repair. $4 per roll.
Blue Foot Cone
Foot Cones

2 blue hypalon foot cones. $10 each.
Blue Batten Attachment
Batten Attachments

15 boat side only blue hypalon fixed thwart batten attachments. $10 each.
Handle D-Ring Combo
Handle D-Ring Combo

4 handle/d-ring combo’s. Grey hypalon. $15 each.
Foot Cones
Foot Cones

9 grey hypalon foot cones. $10 each.
Fixed Batten Thwart Attachment
Batten Attachments

8 boat side & thwart side grey hypalon fixed thwart batten attachments. $10 each.
Adjustable Thwart Batten Attachment
Batten Attachments

5 boat side & thwart side grey hypalon adjustable thwart batten attachments. $15 each.
Cloth D Ring
Cloth D-Rings

6 cloth D-rings. Grey hypalon. $5 each.
D Ring

10 grey hypalon 6″ base with 2″ d-rings. $8 each.

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