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Plan Your Bachelorette Party with Whitewater Rafting

Aug 15, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Arizona Rafting, Blog, Colorado Rafting Trip Spotlight  //  No Comments
Whitewater Rafting Bachelorette Party - Wilderness Aware Rafting

If you’re planning a bachelorette party for a friend that is more interested in a less than traditional party to celebrate her last days as a single woman, then a whitewater rafting trip could be right up your alley. For the woman who loves to explore the great outdoors, planning a trip to the mountains with some camping, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking, or zip-lining would be much more… Read More »

5 Things to Do With Kids in Buena Vista This Summer

Aug 8, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog, Rafting Colorado  //  No Comments
Building sign reading, "Welcome to Buena Vista. 6002 happy citizens and 3 old grouches." Photo taken by Ben Schumin on September 21, 2005.

Families are drawn to Buena Vista, which is at the heart of Colorado and appropriately named in Spanish as, “Beautiful View.” This city set between Salida and Leadville is a mecca for outdoor lovers and wildlife. A quiet forest with an abundant ecosystem and habitat for animals, the natural beauty of this area attracts people here for a taste of nature and adventures. With mountains, rivers, forest, inns, restaurants, and… Read More »

Top 10 Rivers For White Water Rafting in America – INFOGRAPHIC

Aug 6, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog, Rafting Colorado  //  No Comments
Top 10 Rivers for White Water Rafting in America Infographic

In Colorado, we are very lucky to have the opportunity to raft one of the best rivers in America – The Arkansas River. Set in the magnificent mountains and beauty of the wilderness, we can’t complain much. For those of you living across the US or those interested in traveling to other states, there are so many great rivers to go white water rafting in too. Add these 10 amazing… Read More »

Gold Mining Blocking Colorado Wilderness Protection Around Browns Canyon

Aug 1, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog  //  No Comments
Browns Canyon Arkansas River - Wilderness Aware Rafting

Anyone who’s visited Browns Canyon would agree that the 20,000 acres of natural landscape surrounding it is beautiful, magnificent, and worthy of becoming a national monument as Colorado State Senator Mark Udall proposed in a bill. However, this bill is getting stalled by two groups who staked their claims on gold mines in December 2011 when the ban on gold mining lifted in this area. More Wilderness, Less Mining From… Read More »

Whitewater Rafting Championship

Jul 25, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog, Rafting Colorado  //  No Comments
Arkansas River Royal Gorge Rafting - Wilderness Aware Rafting

Think you have what it takes to compete in the whitewater rafting championship? The best of the best compete in the U.S. Whitewater Rafting National Championships each year in three regions of America (Western, Central, and Eastern) and the winners move on to compete internationally. Many of the best teams are from Colorado. The United States Rafting Association (USRA) oversees the Rafting Championships and works with the International Rafting Federation… Read More »

Unusual Water Sports to Try

Jul 18, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog  //  No Comments
Surf in Thurso East

We all know about whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, rowing, and so on, but there are so many other water sports that are worth checking out too. Some people might call them unusual, others may call them brilliant. Either way, just being in the water when it’s hot out sounds great. These unusual water sports also make for great stories and conversation starters, after all, how many people do you… Read More »

Colorado 2014 White Water Rafting

Jul 11, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog  //  No Comments
River Runoff - Wilderness Aware Rafting

Thanks to a great ski season in Colorado, we have a lot more water for an earlier and longer rafting season this year. This past ski season in Colorado saw record snowfalls of 38.4 inches of snow in Denver whereas Arapahoe Basin saw 404 inches and Loveland received 419 inches. All of the record snow levels means a lot more runoff and higher water levels for river rafting. More water… Read More »

River Rafting Levels in Colorado – INFOGRAPHIC

Jul 3, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog, Colorado Rafting Trip Spotlight  //  No Comments
River Rafting Levels in Colorado Infographic

We are lucky in Colorado to have a handful of great rivers to raft on. Even better is the fact that the Arkansas River is rated as one of the Top 10 rivers in the US for white water rafting. Take a look at the infographic below for our favorite sections. Get your adventure on with one of our many white water rafting trips available and contact us to book your… Read More »

Exercises to Prepare Yourself for Whitewater Rafting & Other Paddling Sports

Jun 27, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog  //  No Comments
Exercises for White Water Rafting - Wilderness Aware Rafting

“The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.” – Chinese Philosopher If it’s your first time or your 500th time whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking or rowing, preparing your body for the physical stamina and strength required will make your experience more enjoyable and your physique admirable. Similar to any other sport, working out… Read More »

Why We Need to Protect Our Rivers

May 23, 2014   //   by waradmin   //   Blog  //  No Comments
Gunnison River Rafting - Wilderness Aware Rafting

A great snow season means more snow melt and water for our rivers. With warm weather hitting spring earlier, reservoirs are releasing water from their dams and filling the rivers sooner. And that is good news for us—the rafting season starts earlier! For all of you itching to get on the river, you don’t have to wait until summer begins. Besides depending on a great snow season for full rivers,… Read More »